Monthly Archives: January 2021

Happy New Year

End of Year Reflections

2020 revealed many of our capacity issues i.e. emotional, physical, technological, and financial, to name a few. I’ve had to do a lot of capacity work this year to manage and prepare for growth. This meant that I had to take inventory of my strengths and weaknesses. I had to take a deep hard look at my mental, physical and emotional capacity to take on more responsibility, to be present for my family, my clients, and my team. I had to look at my lifestyle, my eating, sleeping, recreational and productivity habits, and I had to invest in myself.

Many of us are striving to do more and we seek mentors who can help us with strategy, but take it from me, someone who has mentors in different areas of my life, it’s not so much about strategy as it is about capacity. We must do the deep work to build our capacity to handle the trials and the opportunities that will come our way.

I remember when I was in my late twenties and received my first executive job and salary package. I was elated. But in one year I learned that I did not have the emotional capacity to do my job effectively. Those of us who live by faith know that we will receive the increase, but we must ask ourselves, will we be able to manage it?

2020 has revealed so much about what is truly important. Here is a short list of what has stood out to me this year: family, sound mind, health, the environment, building personal and professional capacity to ensure our success, and the power of teamwork.

Let's take the wonderful lessons we've learned into 2021 and continue to advocate and serve those who need our gifts to ensure they live a just and dignified quality of life. "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few" Matthew 9:37. Let us not grow weary in doing good.

Thank You for Your Support

Heartfelt thanks to the special people who I've had the privilege of calling my team this year - Megan Rozzero who has been with me for 5 years, Jamie Anderson, who has been with me for 2 years, and Michael Denney, who has been with us for a little over 1 year. We accomplished so much together!

To the many colleagues that I've been able to depend on, such as: Sister Islah who has successfully helped my clients obtain their 501c3s; Michael Roach, for his marketing savvy; Sachin Prasad for his Salesforce skills; and Greg Cohen for his expertise in board development and the quality referrals he made to my business this year. I am most grateful for his introducing me to Judy Levine, who then introduced me to Laurence Pagnoni, two experts in the field of business development, nonprofit management, and fundraising, who have so graciously provided me with next level mentoring this year. To coaches, Jeff St. Laurent, who provided me with business coaching, and Janelle Andersson, who provided me with emotional mastery coaching, whew, this has been hard work!

And, finally, to all of my clients:

A Blend of Services, Inc.

Accompany Capital (formerly Business Center for New Americans)

Battle Tested Kids, Inc.

Capital District Management Association, Inc. (dba 161st Street BID)

Cumpanis Community Cooking School

Gospel Temple Church / In Time of Need, Inc.

Justice for Families, Inc.

Living Redemption Community Development Corporation

Mi Casa Su Casa, Inc.

Mid Bronx Senior Citizens Council, Inc. / Andrew Freedman Home

Music on the Inside, Inc.

Paving Great Futures, Inc.

Ponce, NHS

Quisqueya Community Care Center, Inc.

Riseboro Community Partnership, Inc.

We Stay / Nos Quedamos, Inc.

Young, Fresh & Conscious, Inc.

Young Urban Christians & Artists, Inc.

Youth Empowerment, Inc.

Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice, Inc.

Thank you for trusting me with your vision and for choosing to grow with me. Thank you for sharing your pain points and inspiring me to build a business that meets your needs. I look forward to our continued success and collaboration.

To a healthy and prosperous new year!

Lydia xo