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Salesforce Customization Creates a Powerful Fund Development Tool

Among the many services Lydia Sierra Consulting (LSC) offers, one of our most impactful is Salesforce customization. Salesforce is a powerful tool to help you manage your fund development systems to meet revenue goals. When structured properly, a customized Salesforce system will allow you to operate effectively, raise funds, and connect with constituents. 

Your organization will benefit from our Salesforce customization services, and LSC Salesforce-certified team members are ready to help. We provide five areas of Salesforce customization services, all with the goal of strengthening your fundraising work:

1. Grants Management: 

Our customized Salesforce system will centralize information so that your organization has a list of all the foundations and agencies with which you work. It will also give you the ability to manage your grant deliverables, track each grant, run grants reports, and develop a quick reference grant dashboard. For some of our clients we even add Grant Deliverables and assign them to staff as a project management tool to ensure that deliverables are met. 

2. Individual Donor Management: 

Salesforce customization will create a donation tracking system from pledge to payment and allow you to generate donation receipts. Additionally, we’ll set things up so you can access personalized email templates for donor communication, individual giving history, run all types of donation reports, and develop a quick reference donor dashboard.

3. Contact Management:

With our customization service, you will be able to gather new names using Salesforce’s contact forms which are compatible with other 3rd party apps. We’ll capitalize on Salesforce’s ability to auto populate contact information into Salesforce. For groups who conduct outreach programs, we can design Salesforce to run engagement tracking and report the number of programs or events a contact has been associated with the organization. It will also track points of data like volunteer hours, giving history or any other custom details.

4. Program Management:

We can customize Salesforce to be a powerful tool to help organizations manage their programs. We’ll help set up the system to create and track your program and event details, as well as track attendees. You will also have access to a program report and program dashboard to keep track in real time.

5.  Data Migration: 

We’ll provide data migration services to move existing data from an Excel format into Salesforce for the above applications.

For more information, reply to this email and let me know if you have any questions and we’ll schedule a time to chat. 

All the best,


Act Now to Work With My Team on Your Next Capacity Building Project!

Dear Friends of New York City,

Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund (CCNSF), an initiative of the City of New York, has announced its call for applications for grants of up to $45,000 for Black, Latino, and Asian-led community organizations based throughout the city with budgets between $150,000 and $2 million. Qualified organizations are able to use this funding to work with a consultant on a capacity-building project. 

I am thrilled to announce that Lydia Sierra Consulting is available to provide professional services for applicant organizations to help strengthen their ability to fulfill their mission. 

Over the past several years, Lydia Sierra Consulting has worked with numerous CCNSF grantees, helping them scale up their fund development efforts, raise much needed programmatic funding, and create diversified funding portfolios to support their operations. 

This year we are ready to work with eligible organizations in three of the following CCNSF capacity-building areas: 

  • Management information systems design and development: This includes customizing case management and data tracking systems, and building related staff skills necessary for managing work more effectively (e.g., tracking client demographic data, service utilization, and progress toward outcomes).
  • Financial management and planning: This includes assessment, planning, and development of financial systems, as well as staff skills-building to improve reporting and enable organizations to identify the most cost-effective services.
  • Evaluation and outcomes system development: This includes the development of systems to monitor client needs, referral sources, and services provided; implementation of systems to measure and/or service recipient satisfaction and/or service recipient outcomes; develop programmatic success measures; and develop evaluation capacity.
  • Strategy and organizational development: This includes efforts to create a staff performance review process; a strategic or operational/annual plan; a communications or marketing plan; and a fundraising or donor development plan. 

Specifically, we are ready to help organizations with
Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Salesforce Customization
for those in need of developing their management information systems.

So how can our capacity-building services increase your impact? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your organization positioned to weather the COVID-19 “storm” long-term and operate effectively despite an uncertain future?
  • Are you prepared to take advantage of funding opportunities made available to address the needs of your community during this incredibly challenging time?
  • Does your organization have an updated strategic plan with clear goals and objectives that provide direction for your team so they are ready to take action?
  • Are you measuring and communicating your organization’s community impact and using this information to secure the resources you need to strengthen your work?

If these issues are pain points in your organization, the Lydia Sierra Consulting team is ready to help. The CCNSF application is due October 22nd, 2021 at 5 PM EST and we can assist with your application and provide supporting materials needed to complete your submission.

You will need to take action quickly. To get started, schedule a time to meet with Lydia Sierra on Calendly or email your inquiry to Lydia Sierra at to discuss your capacity building project.

You must also submit an interest survey. Once completed, you’ll be emailed a unique CCNSF application for your organization. 

We are excited to partner with your organization and provide the professional services you will need to strengthen your operations. Feel free to forward this opportunity to other groups who might be interested in applying for CCNSF funding. 

All the best,


P.S. Consultants can only be awarded up to 3 contracts, therefore act now if you are interested in working with me and my team!

P.P.S. Help me spread the word by sharing this email with other NYC CBO’s that can benefit from this opportunity!