Capacity Building Institute

Strategic Planning

Identify goals and strategies that will help you achieve your non-profit mission. 

Organizational Development

Develop and sustain a fully operational infrastructure by assessing your current capacity and learning how to successfully shepherd your organization through the Five Non-Profit Developmental Stages.

Board Development

Engage board members, as well as staff and volunteers, in institutional operations using coaching skills that will increase confidence, morale, and productivity. 

Fund Development

Establish a diverse and sustainable funding pool through state, city, and federal funding; corporate and private foundations; earned income; and individual donor management.

Financial Management

Set up management systems that will allow you to competently enact your organization’s financial plan; create organizational and program budgets; receive training in QuickBooks and financial records management; and learn strategies for creating a culture of financial responsibility and accountability with your Board and staff.

Lydia Sierra Consulting’s Capacity Building Institute began in 2005 when Community Connections for Youth (CCFY) hired us to present six months of organizational development workshops to a cohort of six grassroots organizations in the South Bronx. The cohort was selected based on their deep roots in the Bronx, with the goal of building the community's capacity to affect juvenile justice reform under the nationally renowned South Bronx Community Connections initiative. Rubén Austria sponsored the Capacity Building Institute, with the belief that small grassroots organizations need support to develop their organizational capacity and implement effective programs that have a major impact. With that charge, Lydia Sierra Consulting developed a nonprofit assessment process and a six-month curriculum to assist nonprofits with the development of their organizational systems. Since then, CCFY has contracted Lydia Sierra Consulting to present Capacity Building Institutes in Syracuse, NY; Albany, NY; and San Diego, CA. Lydia Sierra Consulting has also adapted the Capacity Building Institute curriculum to provide affordable Workshops & Training sessions designed for organizations in the early stages of non-profit development.