Salesforce Customization Creates a Powerful Fund Development Tool

Among the many services Lydia Sierra Consulting (LSC) offers, one of our most impactful is Salesforce customization. Salesforce is a powerful tool to help you manage your fund development systems to meet revenue goals. When structured properly, a customized Salesforce system will allow you to operate effectively, raise funds, and connect with constituents. 

Your organization will benefit from our Salesforce customization services, and LSC Salesforce-certified team members are ready to help. We provide five areas of Salesforce customization services, all with the goal of strengthening your fundraising work:

1. Grants Management: 

Our customized Salesforce system will centralize information so that your organization has a list of all the foundations and agencies with which you work. It will also give you the ability to manage your grant deliverables, track each grant, run grants reports, and develop a quick reference grant dashboard. For some of our clients we even add Grant Deliverables and assign them to staff as a project management tool to ensure that deliverables are met. 

2. Individual Donor Management: 

Salesforce customization will create a donation tracking system from pledge to payment and allow you to generate donation receipts. Additionally, we’ll set things up so you can access personalized email templates for donor communication, individual giving history, run all types of donation reports, and develop a quick reference donor dashboard.

3. Contact Management:

With our customization service, you will be able to gather new names using Salesforce’s contact forms which are compatible with other 3rd party apps. We’ll capitalize on Salesforce’s ability to auto populate contact information into Salesforce. For groups who conduct outreach programs, we can design Salesforce to run engagement tracking and report the number of programs or events a contact has been associated with the organization. It will also track points of data like volunteer hours, giving history or any other custom details.

4. Program Management:

We can customize Salesforce to be a powerful tool to help organizations manage their programs. We’ll help set up the system to create and track your program and event details, as well as track attendees. You will also have access to a program report and program dashboard to keep track in real time.

5.  Data Migration: 

We’ll provide data migration services to move existing data from an Excel format into Salesforce for the above applications.

For more information, reply to this email and let me know if you have any questions and we’ll schedule a time to chat. 

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Lydia Sierra

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